Craft & Root was born when two best friends, EmilyEmily and ArielAriel, turned their love of design into a global branding studio.

Emily Nhaissi

Emily Nhaissi

Co-Founder | New York City Lead

Emily, the Co-Founder of Craft & Root, leads the global New York City office. Coming from a background in Design and Sociology, her passions lie in human-centered design and thinking.

Using her background to strike the balance between form and function, Emily understands the tenants of branding and the importance of contextualizing a brand in its respective market. She uses this edge to strategize creative solutions to establish brands, grow their market presence, and have fun along the way.

Emily is a firm believer in collaborative work grounded in empathy. She always says that the best work comes from a passionate place. As a thought leader, storyteller, and wordsmith, Emily has written for Forbes, Huffpost, Alleywatch, and more, discussing topics around workplace culture, her own personal experience, and ultimately, the things that make us a little more human.

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