A Look at 2018’s Design Trends

A Look at 2018’s Design Trends

We are more than mid-way through 2018…crazy how time flies! Before we make it to next year with new design trends, we wanted to take stock of current trends and how they shape our everyday lives, especially as we work with brands from every industry and thrive off of helping them make an impact.

Products don’t survive without branding that works. In a saturated world of people, places, and things, it literally pays to stand out. So, how are brands keeping up with the trends?

Let’s take a look at some overarching themes in design this year:

Minimal is Maximum
Luxury brands and product packaging have steered away from excess and taken a turn for minimalism. With neutral tones and adequate white space, gender-neutral packaging is making luxury goods feel more natural and even attainable.

minimal design

Flashback to the Past
Have you noticed the comeback 90s fashion comeback? In the same way, vintage style with hand lettering and non-digital design is big. As technology progresses, people still feel the need to be in touch with reality, and that means sign-painting techniques, slab serif and script fonts, and imperfections are all the rage.

Alchemy Creamery

Art is Everywhere
Using packaging as a canvas is a trendy way to stand out and express your brand’s personality. A brand that exemplifies this is LIFEWTR, a premium bottled water company that believes “inspiration is as essential to life as water.” For this reason, their packaging features artists in series to decorate their bottles.


Sustainability for the Masses
Consumers are becoming more cognizant of their impact on the planet. As sustainability becomes a prime consideration of companies, their packaging and design is playing the part of being eco-friendly. For example, Starbucks has made a promise to get rid of plastic straws by 2020 entirely, which means their cup design needed an update. Instead of straws, they’ve opted for “adult sippy cups.”

Hello, Yellow
Say goodbye to “Millennial pink” and wave hello to “Gen Z Yellow.” The color’s name is after the generation that is in the spotlight now for consumption, so different shades of yellow are calling their name from packaging to fashion.

As with everything, time will play a role in changing the status quo. Let’s see how much longer 2018 trends will stick around…