New Season, New Trends

Spring is here, and new trends are blooming. Here’s a list of our favorites for you to try and incorporate this coming season: 

Minimalism – We always say less is more and we stand by that in all aspects of life, and design. You can never go wrong with a minimal vibe. The minimalism trend feels like an evergreen direction that plays right into the hands of generations that are growing up familiar with common web conventions and patterns. Some aspects of minimalism to consider in web design include:

  • Avoid excess of details: color transitions, shadows, textures
  • Use only three colors max at once
  • Implement fonts creatively as a graphic element

Dark Mode – This trend is major for all of us who stare at our screens all day. You may have noticed that dark mode is popular with large tech products. Here are the main reasons for the trend:

  • It reduces eye strain in low-light conditions.
  • It saves device battery power 
  • It allows for highlighting other design elements

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Navigation –  Most of us are glued to our phones, which means that we are playing around with websites and apps with our thumbs more and more. Given the increase in user engagement on mobile devices, more and more web building companies are prioritizing the mobile (as opposed to the desktop) experience. By adjusting your site to not only be mobile friendly, but thumb friendly, you can significantly boost impressions! 

Data Visualization– Although this isn’t a new trend per-se it’s something we felt compelled to mention. It is always going to be needed, and isn’t limited to a single style. Instead, it is a way of thinking about problems. Incorporating data points in one’s messaging and visual language is a great way of showing users WHY they should care about something, and not just WHAT they should care about.

Voice User Interfaces– This trend is less related to web design, but does have resounding effects on quick user interactions as well as accessibility. We can expect to see more and more websites integrating VUI’s over text for users to search. Importantly, this can also create a more inclusive experience for people with disabilities. Here are some of it’s advantages:

  • Handsfree
  • Intuitive
  • Speedy
  • Interactive

At C&R we love staying up to date with design trends, not only because it helps our brands create meaningful impact, but also because it’s fun! We always take special care to think about as many audiences as possible in order to create a user friendly digital experience for all.

Connecting to Your Brand’s Purpose

Purpose is the reason for which something is done, created, or simply exists. In the world of branding, purpose is the “why” behind your brand.

Brand purpose is like salt to a recipe. It alone can season a dish, creating depth of flavor. It is often the first component—a layer of the foundation—and you’ll rarely find a recipe that doesn’t call for it. Without it, food is bland, but with salt, or brand purpose, we can build complex, enticing flavors and narratives that keep us coming back for more.

Purpose-driven brands are a true expression of passion and all the little ingredients that comprise your brand experience. To find your “why” you need to delve deep into the abyss. You need to ask the right questions. You need to connect to your customers, your product experience, your current marketing, your internal team members, your data, your leadership. You need to understand what you stand for. It is in our human nature to search for meaning in everything that we do, so it is essential to find your way and create connections. By leading with your “why,” your brand purpose, you create an emotional connection with your audience, which allows them to rationalize and justify their interactions with your brand. As you begin to communicate your “why” to your audience, see what resonates with them and be fluid, adjusting accordingly. Make sure your “why” is clear and make sure that it drives everything your brand does.

Simon Sinek said it best: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” The first step to building brand loyalty is nailing your brand identity through strategic creative—that’s where we come in. Branding marries art and strategy by combining deep research with brand positioning, creative finesse and smart messaging.

As a digital and branding agency, we’re here to help you express your brand purpose to your target audience. Websites are the go-to for learning about your brand; it’s the place where your whole story is communicated. Our approach leads you down a path of brand analysis and implementation that ends in the ultimate treasure: your digital identity.

So remember: brand purpose is like salt to a recipe. Although a seemingly small addition, it is a critical component to the success of a dish, or your brand. Are you ready to add that dash?