Why Branding is Essential to Marketing

Why Branding is Essential to Marketing

What’s the difference between branding and marketing?

While the two go hand in hand and work together to create a memorable and successful business, there are nuances between them that are worth noting.

Branding is like the foundation of a house, and marketing is the real estate agent – the branding has to be in place to have something to sell.

Put simply, branding is the way your customers perceive you. A brand is your promise to your customer that is conveyed through your business’ culture and stories; it is a personality. It is the style that supports the home you’re building, a.k.a your business, and is the reason that consumers will choose you over the other houses on the block.

Branding is a strategic point of view. Brands are made up of elements that can evolve over time, including but not limited to a business name, logo, slogan, symbols, identity, voice, website, messaging and communications.

Branding is an essential aspect of building a business that is able to stand the test of time. While it’s an investment, its return cannot always be numerically measured because it’s a long-term strategy that influences consumers’ behaviors.

Let’s take a look at why branding matters so much.

Brands have several objectives that spark customer reactions by:

  • Conveying your message
  • Proving credibility
  • Emotionally involving customers
  • Creating loyalty
  • Establishing the overall experience

Brands and branding make a business what it is and inform all your marketing efforts.

How Brands Help Marketing
Builds Trust – Brands establish the importance of consistency in messaging and style so that a customer knows what to expect. They show customers and investors that you’re confident in your business and stand by its purpose.
Increases Revenue – Branding makes your business professional and signals that you’ve put time, research and effort into your products and offerings, which, in turn, incentivizes people to buy your product or service.
Boosts Public Relations – Branding helps with public relations, especially in the face of a mishap. Because you’ve been able to establish a promise to your customers, you can always communicate a trusted message that supports your brand’s mission, particularly when the inevitable issue arises.
Establishes an Emotional Connection – Brands set you apart from your competition. People look to brands to be a part of their identity. They adopt or believe the brand message resonates with what they believe in or how they want to be perceived. Look at one of the best in the game, Nike. Nike sells the feeling of victory and the feeling of being an athlete, even for the everyday person who simply slips on a pair of Nike sneakers.
Reduces Turnover – A strong brand and message makes an employee’s job easier because they understand the direction and mission of a company. That means, they’ll be more bought into the business and less likely to leave as they remains satisfied with the work.
Attracts Investors – A brand tells your story, and if you’re successful in the marketplace, your business stands out and people will want to put their money behind your idea.

Make It Stick
Branding doesn’t happen overnight, but rather, it is a process that must be sustained and re-evaluated over time. It requires listening to your customers, researching your competition and remaining true to your purpose.

Whether you’re an established brand or building your brand from the ground up, we can help!