The Smart Automated Bartender


About the Project

Headquartered in New York, Barsys is revolutionizing the cocktail making experience. Like the best mixologist, the smart automated bartender needed a slew of tools including a website redesign, photography, logo, marketing materials, and newsletters.

Because last call is rarely ever last call, Barsys also needed to redesign their interactive mobile application, packaging, and social media presence. So, we got to mixing.


The Barsys brand needed a visual language that matched the elevated tone they were bringing to happy hour culture. This meant assertive typography, a smokey color palette, and a subtle garnish of attitude.

With Barsys’s flagship machine increasing in sales and the new Barsys Coaster about to hit shelves, it was important their accompanied apps felt as visually considered as their physical counterparts.

Barsys needed a campaign to keep their audience’s social feeds full of content throughout the warmer months. They wanted something fresh, elevated, and custom. Our solution was to create a series of animations reenforcing the brand’s classic, core identity through classic cocktail recipes and custom illustrations.

The illustrations are the centerpiece of the content, which meant they needed to be soaked in character. We wanted them to feel personal to Barsys while simultaneously tipping our hat to vintage cocktail culture. This meant semi-realism, dramatic lighting, and a touch of panache.

By the end of the series we developed a system for illustrating these delicious elixirs and cultivated a handful of assets that could be mix-and-matched. In effect, Barsys now had visual pieces to build upon later in the year should that align with their marketing strategies.