About the Project

Bitnomial is an innovative bitcoin derivatives exchange operator aimed at improving the connection of native digital asset hedgers with institutional traders. Bitnomial approached us to help design a website and web app that simultaneously educated and equipped users for exchanges. This involved heavy collaboration to distill their ideas down to the most user-friendly flow. The result was a clean and polished website with a refined private portal for active users.


Bitnomial cryptocurrency sketches
Bitnomial tax benefits icon
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“C&R is an invaluable partner to our team. We’re able to bring them loosely defined, complex processes and they systematically formalize it into something both useful and beautiful. Building a financial services business means much of what we do is highly abstract with little physical analog. C&R is able to bring meaning and order to the interactive representations of these abstract concepts all the same. They love what they do and it shows.”

Bitnomial web design wireframes
Bitnomial web design ui/ux elements
Bitnomial managed users.
Bitnomial desktop web design