EPHP; Greenport, NY

We Live By, and with the Sea

EPHP; Greenport, NY

About the Project

Eagle Point Hotel Partners (EPHP) is a privately-held independent investment company focused on hotel real estate. It has headquarters in New York and a portfolio of properties that spans North America, including locations in Hawaii, Wyoming, and Colorado.

The founders came to us to help them create high-quality designs across their North Fork Properties, including The Sound View Hotel and The Halyard Restaurant. Developing unique visual IDs for each property (in addition to unique visual IDs for on-site events), we designed beautiful assets for a diverse set of digital touch points including newsletter templates, social media content, and print collateral like menus event posters, and custom property maps.


The Halyard Restaurant, located inside The Sound View Hotel, serves up locally sourced ingredients from the North Fork and the Atlantic Seaboard. The team needed a brand ID and website to reflect the stellar food, light-filled dining room, and sprawling deck above the Long Island Sound. We then applied that to a new website, menus, and supplementary digital and print collateral for the team to easily edit on their own.

Throughout the year, these properties host seasonal, and one-off events. For example, their Annual Blizzard Ball, Annual Beach Ball and NFT Weekend. To keep their customers coming back each year, the events required fresh new visuals to reflect the essence of each unique, immersive experience.