If it moves, you can track it.


About the Project

GPX provides peace of mind through precise location data, and actionable intelligence to improve business efficiency through a combination of software and hardware. They came to us for a brand identity elevation and implementation across both digital and print collateral. Working on an ongoing basis, we create strategy based content for everything from marketing campaigns, to newly designed website pages.


“My favorite website refresh of my career! The most innovative and creative – it’s as if they read my mind! It’s been amazing!” – Kim Dazey, Head of Marketing

Our task was to take GPX’s current Brand ID and elevate it. They already had a unique color palette for the industry, and were therefore recognizable in their space. What this meant was that we needed to refine the colors, refine the typographical system, and create and implement supporting graphic elements that spoke to the brand’s ethos. We focused on connection – tracking and following a path with lines and connected shapes.

The GPX team needed explainer videos to capture the work they do in a digestible manner. We created an illustration style which felt playful, friendly, and importantly, that worked alongside the rest of the newly defined graphic elements representing the brand.

GPX had, and continues to have, many design needs. From digital content for Linkedin, to editable pitch decks, to product guides, we help keep the designs remaining consistent, and always of the highest quality.