Grove Point Marinas

A Best in Class Marina Holding Company

Grove Point Marinas

About the Project

Grove Point Marinas is an investment company that acquires and operates high-quality marinas around the country. The Grove Point team cares about the people behind the marinas, acting as stewards of the properties and honoring the legacies they have built. The team came to us to create a brand identity and website that reflected their professionalism and the personal connections they make with marina owners. We did so by creating structured, minimal layouts with large-scale fonts and metrics which illustrate credibility, professionalism, and transparency.


Grove Point needed an update to their logo, color palette, and fonts. So we took inspiration from a boat special to the team, chose a bold, yet approachable font, and included shades of light and dark blues, which strike a balance between the friendly and the institutional.

Grove Point owns and operates a number of Marina properties; including Green Turtle Bay. In order to begin the process of creating a unified digital presence for their myriad properties, we designed the Green Turtle Bay website and created a look and feel for it that remained consistent with the Grove Point Marina’s brand visual identity, utilizing it as a “parent brand”.