Micro Kickboard

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Micro Kickboard

About the Project

Micro Kickboard is the U.S. partner for the Swiss company Micro-Mobility: maker of the world’s best quality scooters and kickboards for the whole family. When Micro Kickboard approached us, they were interested in refining their brand personas and optimizing their marketing content to appeal to those consumers. As a next step, we refined their brand’s visual identity which included updating Micro’s photographic styling, typography, color palette, and additional graphic elements, including animations.

Having laid the groundwork for this renewed brand identity, we began working together on an ongoing basis, taking an analytical and strategic approach focused on best practices for conversion across platforms. This included creation of content for their email marketing, website banners, blog posts, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, and organic social media. Additionally, we provided copywriting for blogs, email marketing, and web pages.

We were so excited when our clients told us they had their best holiday season to date!


“Thank you for a great brand refresh C&R – your designs are great, you are great communicators — and fun to work with.”