Data-driven Forest Carbon Exchange


About the Project

NCX is a science-driven forest carbon marketplace that connects corporations to landowners through their exchange. When NCX was still known as SilviaTerra, we began our collaborative mission: to communicate both their rigorous science, and deep commitment to maintaining the sacred spaces (our forests) without which, we cannot survive as a people. We helped to tell their story through words and visuals – which you can see on display in their unique branding and website.

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“Craft & Root add real value that can never be illustrated in a narrative. They pushed us in numerous ways this year – ways that have helped in our visual storytelling and brand identity. The usability of the work created for our team is an important part of the agency relationship. It allows us to move forward autonomously, while still doing great things with the agency’s support! There will never be a year quite like this one; it has been – and continues to be such an immense pleasure to work with them.”

One of the biggest hurdles within this emerging industry is accuracy of measurements upon which carbon credits are monetized. It was important to showcase the rigorous science NCX utilizes not only as a differentiator in the marketplace, but also to show individual communities how much on-the-ground experience they have.

As a team, we understood the importance of walking a thin line between reliability in data, and corporate formality, and an engaging, personable understanding of the forestry community. We used colors, and layout designs for a tech feel, fonts for an institutional, timeless feel, and iconography and photography for a personal, personable feel.

Co-Founder Zack Parisa “fell in love with forests: the insects and the animals, the rivers, the streams, and of course, the trees.” So it was important to show imagery of these ecosystems from different perspectives on the micro to macro scale. Sweeping, large scale drone shots express the vastness of nature, images of people in the forest show our place in it, and detailed images of leaves, and insects show the fragility and interconnectedness of the worlds that exist within even 1 square foot of the forest floor.

The thought process surrounding photography did not begin and end with scale, we wanted to include organic shapes, and the feeling of looking through a scope for the first time; adjusting the distance so you can put the object of your gaze into focus. We are bringing this radical, and revolutionary approach of monetizing the preservation of our natural habitats into focus.

The latest NCX program cycle has increased landowner participation by 15x compared to their first cycle less than a year ago. Nearly 1,800 landowners participated across 2 million acres in 39 states to help address the climate crisis. NCX has also announced $50 Million raised in Series B for international expansion.