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Schaller & Weber

About the Project

For decades, Schaller & Weber has been a New York City institution; bringing one-of-a-kind products and old-world delicacies to discerning homes and restaurants around the city – and even around the country. As a favorite among tastemakers like Martha Stewart, Schaller & Weber has launched partnerships with brands, and culinary personalities, and is now being sold at Whole Foods around the North East of the United States.

We began working with the team on a continuous basis, focusing on their digital marketing campaigns. As time went on, our collaboration grew to also include work on deliverables like packaging, print collateral, and large scale items – like the company’s new e-commerce website.


We began our Journey with Schaller & Weber by defining new fonts, refining colors, and creating unique layouts and graphic elements for newsletters using existing brand assets as inspiration. 

We then found ourselves working on unique campaigns to highlight exciting product launches, celebrity partnerships, and exciting retailer announcements.