Make it feel like the future

Technology companies are rooted in their innovative prowess. Your branding should display your forward thinking attitude, and leave room for advancement. We understand Tech evolves at a faster pace than ever before, and branding and products have the possibility to lose relevance at the blink of an eye. Craft & Root develops tech branding that is both timeless and futuristic — so your brand is everlasting.

We’re giving you the best ROI on every tech marketing dollar spent.

Tech Branding

Get them thinking. Your brand solves a problem customers didn’t even know they had — show them the future, and how your technology is the one that transports them there.

Website Design in Tech Branding

Craft a site that’s as intelligent as your product. Technology web design should make your product look easy, accessible, and genius. Welcome to tomorrow.

Illustration & Animation in Tech Branding

If tech branding is the future, illustrations are the fuel that get you there. Show your systematic thinking and the personality of your brand through hand-drawn digital illustrations.

Branding for Tech

The future is now. You have an innovative, ground breaking idea – now it’s time to share it with the world.

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