Technology companies are rooted in their innovative prowess. Your branding should display your forward-thinking attitude and leave room for advancement. We understand Tech evolves faster than ever before, and branding and products can lose relevance in the blink of an eye. Craft & Root develops tech branding that is both timeless and futuristic — so your brand is everlasting.

We’re giving you the best ROI on every tech marketing dollar spent.

Tech Branding

Get them thinking. Your brand solves a problem customers didn’t even know they had — show them the future, and how your technology is the one that transports them there.

Website Design in Tech Branding

Craft a site that’s as intelligent as your product. Technology web design should make your product look easy, accessible, and genius. Welcome to tomorrow.

Illustration & Animation in Tech Branding

If tech branding is the future, illustrations are the fuel that get you there. Show your systematic thinking and the personality of your brand through hand-drawn digital illustrations.

Branding for Tech

The future is now. You have an innovative, ground breaking idea – now it’s time to share it with the world.

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