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Why Women Matter in Branding

March 7, 2019 / Daniella Soloway / Business, Branding, Marketing

It’s always a good time to talk about the importance of women. So, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we take a look at how women influence marketing and branding worldwide. You’ve heard it before, the #futureisfemale, and as such, the list of reasons why women should be a priority for all businesses is constantly growing. […]

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Before & After: CPEX Case Study

February 6, 2019 / Daniella Soloway / Design, Branding, Marketing

CPEX Real Estate is a highly specialized and dedicated real estate brokerage firm that focuses their business in the Northeastern United States. The firm came to Craft & Root with the vision to entirely rebrand their business and redesign their out-of-date website to establish their positioning in the market as being ahead of the curve. […]

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Why Branding is Essential to Marketing

January 8, 2019 / Daniella Soloway / Business, Branding, Marketing

What’s the difference between branding and marketing? While the two go hand in hand and work together to create a memorable and successful business, there are nuances between them that are worth noting. Branding is like the foundation of a house, and marketing is the real estate agent – the branding has to be in […]

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What Your Business Can Learn From Beauty Brands

November 26, 2018 / Daniella Soloway / Business, Branding, Marketing

For any business looking to last and connect emotionally with their consumers, the beauty industry is a great place to look for inspiration. According to Inkwood Research, the global beauty market is predicted to grow from $432.7 billion in 2016 to $750 billion by 2024. With so many new beauty brands emerging and making a […]

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Rebranding: Do’s and Dont’s

September 12, 2018 / Daniella Soloway / Business, Branding, Marketing

As time progresses and trends shift, businesses need to adapt to changing environments. On average, corporate businesses rebrand themselves every seven to ten years, and there are a variety of factors which may spur the decision. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons that companies may choose to rebrand: New product […]

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A Look at 2018’s Design Trends

July 17, 2018 / Daniella Soloway / Design, Marketing

We are more than mid-way through 2018…crazy how time flies! Before we make it to next year with new design trends, we wanted to take stock of current trends and how they shape our everyday lives, especially as we work with brands from every industry and thrive off of helping them make an impact. Products […]

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Hospitality Web Trends in 2018

July 12, 2018 / Daniella Soloway / Business, Design, Marketing

With digital travel sales expected to hit more than $200 billion this year, your hotel’s website needs to stand out from the competition. And for those of you who may be thinking, “But most people book hotels through online travel agencies (OTAs) like and the like,” think again. According to SiteMinder’s Global Hotel Business […]

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Copywriters & Designers: Who Leads?

June 18, 2018 / Daniella Soloway / Business, Design, Marketing

Marketing and branding exist at the intersection of graphic design and copywriting. While the relationship between a graphic designer and a copywriter isn’t always perfect, their marriage can be conducive and even thrive with proper communication and collaboration. It truly thrives on the understanding that everyone has something to offer. Each person brings a skill […]

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Social Media and Society: To Build and To Brand

May 28, 2018 / Daniella Soloway / Branding, Marketing

It seems as though we’ve reached a point in society where social media defines the new normal. Whereas once human interactions and experiences drove social media posts, we’re now at a time where social media has become the sole purpose in defining why spaces and places may even exist in the first place. The medium […]

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