Animation’s dynamic nature touches humanity and elicits an emotional response, every time.

The ultimate attention grabber

Animations are more than just a visual accessory. Animated elements should help guide users through the page, make information much more digestible and still hold the aesthetic appeal of your branding. Animations have the power to trigger excitement, especially when they break up the rows and rows of static digital content.

The human eye is naturally drawn to movement. With attention spans shorter than 10 seconds, animated visuals effectively capture and hold an audience’s attention.

We’re a hand-crafted branding studio with the capacity and excellence of an animation studio.

Animation for Lifestyle Branding

Draw users in with lifestyle animation. Engage users on a different level—whether fun or elegant, lifestyle animation will heighten the experience and define your brand's vibe.

Animation for Tech Branding

If the story of tech branding is the future, then animation is the end game. Draw systems with movement, and show the world what you’re capable of.

Animation for Education

Make your content engaging for anyone watching. In education branding, animation can be the factor that unites learners of all ages and encourages them to use your service or product.

Animation for Corporate

Recruit creatively with animation. Dynamic visuals in a corporate branding story are the ultimate insight on corporate culture, as they help the company’s personality truly shine through.

Our Animation Expertise

Animation is our favorite way to add a little something special to any project. Nothing quite tells your brand story like a moving picture, and we’re here to make them.

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Animation FAQs

Can you create explainer videos?

Yes! Explainer videos are very fun to create. The content included in these explainer videos can be leveraged elsewhere (like on newsletters, landing pages, trade show materials, etc.) in order to maintain a consistent look and feel, without being repetitive. Explainer videos include storyboarding, illustrating, animating, sound effects, music, and even voice over.

Yes! Our animators can leverage your existing illustrations and make them move. The best scenario in this case would be for you to provide our team with editable illustration files (instead of flat JPEGs).

Yes. We can create shorter form animations that you can utilize on your social media platforms, advertisements, and newsletters. This is a great way to maximize your messaging, while designing within minimal dimensions.