Every company needs an identity. As a digital and branding agency, we’re here to help you build one.

Our Branding Exercise

At Craft & Root Branding Agency, we tackle the big questions and help you navigate the ins and outs of taking your company to the next level. It’s time to take control of how people see your company — literally. You want to build a brand that elicits positive, emotional connections, and turns customers into lifelong fans. The first step to building brand loyalty is nailing your brand identity through strategic creative – that’s where we come in. Branding marries art and strategy by combining deep research with brand positioning, creative finesse and smart messaging. The building blocks of your brand (logos, illustrations, fonts, colors, and more) are what customers identify with – so why not make them memorable? Just remember, branding doesn’t stop there.

An Ongoing Partnership

The role of a branding agency doesn’t end after the design and tone of voice are defined. Well-maintained branding ensures you get the highest return on investment for your marketing efforts. The market is always evolving; and so are your customers. An ongoing partnership with our branding agency means optimizing your branding based on market data and producing consistent assets for your brand. Maintain a powerful image and energy that your customer can recognize, no matter what.

We have the personal approach of a branding agency and the capacity of a digital company.

Fashion Branding

Fashion is an outward expression of your inner personality. The feeling that you get when you wear designs should be reflected in the experience of engaging with the brand in any context.

Lifestyle Branding

Lifestyle branding requires deep resonance with your being. Visuals for lifestyle brands present you with the life you want to live, in places you want to be. Join the club.

Hospitality Branding

Hospitality is about immersing yourself in a fantasy. Reflect that exciting getaway feeling in every aspect of your marketing.

Food and Beverage Marketing

Consumers need safe, accessible and explicit branding for products that they are putting in their bodies. In food and beverage, images speak louder than words.

Tech Branding

Tech branding should make people feel like they have arrived in the future. Materials should be cutting edge, smart, and always forward-thinking.

Real Estate Branding

Make your audience feel at home. Real estate branding needs to feel immovable and secure. Our branding firm will develop a digital aura that feels trustworthy and reflects the security of your physical space.

Education Branding

Education has no age. Engage learners with curiosity and possibility, while exhibiting your expertise.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding combines the mission of the company with the personalities of the facilitators. Capture your company culture with visuals and language, and expand.

Our Branding Agency Expertise

What do you represent? Why does your company or product exist? What is your target audience looking for? What is your competition doing? Our branding agency will walk through these questions to find your unique value proposition and more. Get ready to build a brand that people won’t forget.

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Branding FAQs

What is branding and what does it include?

Branding encompasses a number of visual building blocks that are necessary in order to create any client facing materials. These building blocks need to be defined using strategy; and used consistently, across the board in order to maintain your unique look and feel. Our branding consultants are committed to helping clients.

A logo doesn’t embody everything that you need in order to create a personality for your company. You need a color palette , fonts, images, any sort of graphic elements like icons, infographics, illustrations, and even your tone of voice. A logo can be a good jumping off point for what the personality of your company is, but it is only the beginning of the journey.

Without defined branding, nothing you put out into the universe will look consistent. It is important to create a specific vibe and point of view that your customers can.

This is a collaborative process between branding agency and you. The pace of the exercise depends largely on client availability, responsiveness, and making sure that all decision makers are present in key meetings. In our past experience, this timeline can vary between 3 weeks and 1.5 months.