Express your brand values beyond standard messaging. Illustration gives brands an ownable authenticity that is hard to come by.

Give your brand that personal, hand-made quality

In a world of stock imagery, illustrations allow brands to remove a layer of realism and build a message that matches the reality they see as their own. Craft & Root Illustration Studio understands the temptation to purchase cheap, pre-made illustrations, and we challenge you to see otherwise: companies that understand the need to stand out in their market have ditched stock illustrations in exchange for scalable and extensive illustration systems.

We’re a hand-crafted branding studio with the capacity and excellence of an illustration studio.

Illustration for Lifestyle Branding

Draw on the emotive qualities of your lifestyle brand, and include imagery that speaks to your brand mission using line, color, and form. Tease users with just enough content that leaves them wanting more.

Illustration for Hospitality Branding

Include an added layer of personality and fantasy to your accommodations through drawings. Our illustration studio can help guide customers through your brand’s universe.

Illustration for Food and Beverage Marketing

Tempt customers and highlight ingredients, dishes, and more with hand-drawn food and beverage illustrations. From menu design, to website design, to in-house printed and digital assets, illustration for food and beverage is integral for engagement with your brand.

Illustration for Education

Infographics are the new tagline. Illustrations make information easily digestible, and look great on a new website. Convey statistical information and teach users your mission with educational illustrations.

Illustration for Corporate

Capture corporate living in color (or black and white). In corporate branding, illustrations can tell stories better than, well, stories. Show people, places, and systems in a simple, yet profound way.

Our Illustration Studio Expertise

As a digital agency and branding studio, illustrations are one of the building blocks in our creative branding exercise. No matter your industry, illustration has a place in your branding. Let’s draw.

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Illustration FAQs

What do I need to get started on my illustration project?

In order to get started on an project, our illustration studio will need to create a moodboard. This first step will allow us to explore what illustration style might work for you and your company. We only move forward on actually illustrating once the moodboard is approved by the decision makers on your team.

Yes! Our designers are able to leverage existing illustrations and build off of them. We can create additional illustrations in your current style and can even bring them to life through animation.

Illustrations can be crucial in communicating key pieces of information about your company, while minimizing the need for a high word count. People tend to have shorter attention spans than ever, so communicating things like key features of your product through visuals can be extremely effective.

This depends greatly on your brand's message, mission, and target audience. Illustrations can be a great way to break up walls of text, and infuse your messaging with personality. In some cases, companies do not have photography they can use to communicate with their audience. In this case, illustrations can be a huge benefit. If your brand is on the more serious side, a great way to achieve a similar outcome is utilizing illustrated icons.