Websites are your new business card. As both a website design agency and website development firm, we’re in the business of building uniquely tailored websites born from authentic interaction.


Websites are the name of the game. Over the years we’ve seen the function of websites evolve into something much larger than they once were. Websites are the go-to for learning about your brand; it’s the place where your whole story is communicated to your audience. Not only does it need to be engaging and communicate your brand’s personality, it also needs to be practical and functional. In an increasingly digital landscape, unique website design can be what sets you apart from the competition. Our cooperative approach as both a website design agency and website development firm gives you the best of both worlds; you are in the hands of expert web designers who can strategize around both structure and look & feel for an optimized user experience, and expert web developers who can bring our meticulously crafted prototypes to life. Our approach leads us down a path of brand analysis and implementation that ends in the ultimate treasure: your digital identity. Our website development firm believes that the best design comes from the discoveries we make together.


UI/UX are terms that are often conflated and misused, doing a disservice to the critical role each plays. While often seen as “UI/UX” (perhaps contributing to the confusion), the two aren’t interchangeable. “User Interface” (UI) relates to all the fun elements on a screen that users engage with in order to interact with a platform (ex. buttons, forms) and also ties into the overall branding (ex. color scheme, layout). “User experience” (UX), on the other hand, is less concerned with design, and instead places importance on function, usability and accessibility.

Our 360º approach to web design turns our conversations into beautiful and functional websites that drive conversion and consumer loyalty. Work with a website design and development firm that does it all.

We’re a hand-crafted branding studio with the capacity and excellence of a website design agency.

Website Design for Fashion Branding

Eye-catching websites that thoughtfully showcase your designs. Our website development firm makes websites that convert by prioritizing user-friendliness and mimicking a natural shopping flow.

Website Design for Lifestyle Branding

Build a website that echoes the lifestyle you’re promoting. Craft & Root Website Development Firm makes lifestyle websites that ultimately sell your story with inviting exclusivity.

Website Design for Tech Branding

Transport users into the future with a clean, innovative website that showcases the cutting edge qualities of your tech brand.

Website Design for Education

Invite folks to your site and have them stay awhile. Website design for educational companies needs to translate your authority on the subject into an interactive and especially usable design.

Website Design for Corporate

Drive community by displaying imagery that captures your company and the people that work there. Web design for corporate branding simultaneously engages potential candidates and clients alike.

We specialize in both design and development.

Our thorough and iterative process to web design fuses your vision with our creative experience in order to tell your brand story to as many audiences as possible. Your website should be a curation of the best illustration, animation, photography and display your brand with the utmost care. Our cross-industry experience makes us leaders in branding, website design, and development. We can’t wait to make your ideal site a reality.

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Website Design FAQs

What do I need to get started on my website design project?

In order to truly dive in to a website design project, you will need branding. If there are no fonts, colors, and defined style, there won't be anything to use in order to create the website itself. Essentially, imagine a website as a house. If there are no building materials (i.e. fonts, colors, defined photos, icons etc.), you have nothing to build your house with.

Depending on how robust your branding is, we would be able to take the elements from your current branding, and implement them for the design of your website. We may have to do a miniature moodboard to define elements that are needed for the site that do not exist in your current branding, but our website development firm can most definitely leverage existing assets.

The cost of a website varies largely based on the scope of work, including your desired functionality, number of pages, and the platform you would like to use. Essentially, all projects are tailored to your specific needs. One size does not fit all.

Website design projects always include market and competitor research, wire framing, prototyping, development, and quality assurance on the developed product. All websites we create are fully responsive; We focus on stellar mobile designs in addition to desktop designs, and even won an award for mobile excellence. Our team pays special attention to micro interactions on the page; these are elements that can take a website from average, to incredible!

Though we do prefer to work with our developers, given their commitment to excellence, we play well with others. If there is a development team you would like to work with that is external to our studio, we are happy to do so. We will liaise with them and work as one team, because even when development begins, design does not end. At the end of the development process, we require a quality assurance phase of the project be done by our lead designer on your project. This way, we ensure that our painstakingly crafted designs are properly implemented for the world to see.